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Da tradurre[modifica]

Since our struggle is part of the international socialist movement, our freedom is part and parcel of the liberation of mankind.[1]
There may be those who allege that this revolutionary period is characterised by terror, anarchy and widespread bloodshed. These are the very same elements who are responsible for the terror, anarchy and bloodshed. On the contrary, all those who have made sacrifices to defend their historic unity and who are struggling for socialism and democracy recall the last five years of revolution with joy.[1]
Ethiopia is firmly committed to the principles of the establishment of peace and stability in the world, the establishment of political, economic and social co-operation between nations based on equality and friendship, handling of differences between governments through dialogue and peaceful means and the elimination of oppression and exploitation, racism, colonialism and neo-colonialism.[1]
Ethiopia supports all efforts being made to enable the people of Western Sahara attain their freedom, because it believes that the attainment of this goal will enhance the peace and stability of the region.[1]
No permanent peace is possible in the Middle East so long as the people of Palestine are denied the opportunity of determining their own futures and establish a free country of their own and so long as Israel refuses to relinquish all Arab territories seized by force during the 1967 war.[1]
The attempts made by imperialism to subvert the Afghan Revolution have made the broad masses of Afghanistan to be more determined to defend their revolution and their gains. The broad masses of Ethiopia have been consistently supporting the revolution in Afghanistan from the very beginning and will continue doing so.[1]
We strongly condemn the intensive propaganda campaign against the people of Vietnam under the cover of allegations about 'Vietnamese refugees'.[1]
Our neighbours are justified in feeling threatened by our revolution only when they take it upon themselves to meddle in it.[1]
Since reactionary ruling classes never relinquish their power voluntarily, a life-and-death struggle is inevitable.[1]
Unlike bourgeois revolutions which maintain intact the relations between exploiter and the exploited, our revolution was not limited to taking power from feudal rulers. That was only the beginning. The aim of our revolution is to deny to the ruling classes an economic base and to build a new society based on equality and freedom.[1]
Victory in both the political and the economic field is attained through struggle and does not come on its own.[1]
There will be no force whatsoever which will prevent our revolution, the revolution that has been dyed with the blood of the true sons and daughters of this country, from bearing fruits. We shall never retreat from the path we have embarked upon to build socialism, where peace, justice, true equality and prosperity will prevail. This is our pledge.[1]
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