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:''Donald Trump is like a practical joke that jot out of hand.'' ('''[[George Conway]]''')
*Trump è un narcicistanarcisista maligno? [...] Non si può capire la sua presidenza, senza sapere questa cosa.
:''Is Trump a malignant narcisist?'' [...] ''You cannot understand his presidency without knowing this.'' ('''[[George Conway]]''')
:''The Goldwater Rule today has been incorrectly extended. And the incorrect part about it is that now it has been used to suppress speech about things that are notable. It says nonsense to go saying an orthopedic surgeon shouldn't be able to watch somebody in a football injury and say that person probably has an ACL tear.<ref>{{Cfr}} [[:en:w:Anterior cruciate ligament injury|Anterior cruciate ligament injury]].</ref> He can say it because it's an expert in the field, something happened and he observed it.'' ('''[[Lance Dodes]]''')
*Non è escluso che una persona possa fare il presidente, se ha un disturbo psicologico. Ma Donald Trump mostra chiari segni di un grave disturbo della personalità. Si chiama narcisismo maligno. [...] Ha quattro componenti: nacisismonarcisismo, paranoia, disturbo anti-sociale della personalità e sadismo.
:''It doesn't disqualify someone from being president if they have a psychological disorder. But Donald Trump show clear signs of the most severe personality disorder. It's called malignant narcissism'' [...] ''which has four component: narcissism, pananoia, anti-social personality disorder and sadism.'' ('''[[John Gartner]]''')
:''One of the most dangerous things about authoritarian leaders is that their particular personal quirks, their preoccupations, often became state policies.'' ('''[[Ruth Ben Ghiat]]''')
*Io paragono sempre Trump a [[Adolf Hitler|Hitler]]. [...] Non è che sia come Hitler o sia il suo equivalente, ma ha le stassastessa diagnosi di Hitler. Fa parte della stessa categoria, di un tipo di psicologia che può essere più o meno estrema, ma che ha delle caratteristiche comuni. Sono fatti della stessa pasta.
:''I compare Trump to Hitler all the time.'' [...] ''Is not that he's as bad as Hitler or he's the equivalent of Hitler. But he has the same diagnosis as Hitler. He's in the same category that it's a psychological type that can be more or less extreme, but they share this common characteristic. They're cut from the same cloth.'' ('''[[John Gartner]]''')
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