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The Anime Encyclopedia
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(The Anime Encyclopedia)
*Tutto accade per caso.<br />Ma questo caso è predeterminato dalla volontà del mondo.<br />Non mi sto smarrendo. Sto benissimo.<br />Quello che dico adesso è l'assoluta verità, non un delirio pretenzioso.<br />......Non importa quanto una cosa possa sembrare insignificante,<br />questa può cambiare le sorti nel grande flusso del tempo. ('''Okarin''')
:''Everything happens by chance.<br />But that chance is predetermined by the will of the world.<br />I'm not losing it. I'm perfectly fine.<br />What I speak now is the absolute truth, not some pretentious delusion.<br />......No matter how trivial something may seem,<br />It may change the tide in the great stream of time.''
==The Anime Encyclopedia==
'''''The Anime Encyclopedia''''', enciclopedia degli anime scritta da Jonathan Clements ed Helen McCarthy.
*Qui va la traduzione
:''Taking one of science fiction's favorite paradoxes and turning it into a must-see TV series, ''Steins;Gate'' is one of the cleverest shows of its year, quite possibly of its decade. It cloaks its true nature under layers of geek-friendly psychobabble and fluff for long enough to draw you in to the world of this infuriating yet endearing pair of man-children and their acquaintances, including the haughty girl science genius Kurisu. The sly, subtle way that the protagonist turns out to be the very thing he most despises—the kind of scientist who'll reshape the world to his will without a thought for the consequences—sets us up for a thrill-ride denouement as he tries to undo the damage. Piling up the genre references into an Aladdin's cave of dreams and wishes and setting the whole thing in otaku dreamland Akihabara are master strokes, but they only set the scene for the twists and turns to come.<br />In a way, it's a good thing for the rest of anime that the style doesn't match the plotting. That would have made it unbeatable. As it is, the design and animation do the job, but no more.''
*Jonathan Clements, Helen McCarthy, ''[https://books.google.it/books?id=E03KBgAAQBAJ&pg=PT0 The Anime Encyclopedia, 3rd Revised Edition: A Century of Japanese Animation]'', Stone Bridge Press, Berkeley, 2015. ISBN 978-1-61172-909-2
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