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{{Benvenuto|nome={{PAGENAME}}|firma=[[Utente:Homer|Homer]] ([[Discussioni utente:Homer|scrivimi]]) 11:25, 18 apr 2012 (CEST)}}
<div style="min-height: 57px; border: 1px solid #aaaaaa; background-color: #f9f9f9; width: 50%; margin: 0 auto 1em auto; padding: .2em; text-align: justify;"><div style="float: left">[[File:Wikimedia Community Logo-Mailservices.svg|50px|link=]]</div><div style="margin-left: 60px">I can be contacted at '''[[m:User talk:Allan Aguilar|Meta-Wiki]]''' or by email to '''ralgis[[File:Nospam at.svg|13px|link=]]vmail.me'''<br />''This is an [[m:Soft redirect|interwiki redirect]]''.</div></div>


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