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<center>{{centrato|Hello, I am <span style="font-family:Bradley Hand ITC; color:black">'''Frigotoni'''</span>[[User talk:Frigotoni|<small> ...<span style="font-family:Segoe Script; color:navy" >'''i'm here'''</span></small>]]. I'm a member of the [[m:Small Wiki Monitoring Team|Small Wiki Monitoring Team]] and globally active in countervandalism. Feel free to leave me a message on [[m:User talk:Frigotoni|meta]] or on my [[m:it:Discussioni utente:Frigotoni|home]] Wiki. [[File:Face-grin.svg]]<small><br /><span class="plainlinks">[//toolserver.org/~pathoschild/crossactivity/?user=Frigotoni Crossactivity] & [//toolserver.org/~pathoschild/stalktoy/?target=Frigotoni StalkToy]</span> • If you need further information, you can click [[m:User:Frigotoni|here]]. Have I done something wrong? I apologise for this. Report it to me please.</small></center>}}
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