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:''The destination was that the most fragile ones would die at the end! Only the strong survive. In the movie there's no sense of good and evil – there's a sense of chaos, order and disorder, the two faces of any person. We can all turn psychotic in a psychotic situation – it doesn't mean you're anyone else. You have a civilised face and then you have an uncivilised face.''<ref name="sbs">Citato in [ ''Interview: Gaspar Noé tackles primal drives and paranoia in 'Climax' ''], '''', 5 dicembre 2018.</ref>
*{{NDR|Su ''[[Climax (film)|Climax]]''}} Sono la paura e l'insicurezza a far impazzire le persone. Se vieni drogato, o anche se semplicemente ti fanno bere contro la tua volontà, l'esperienza sarà terribile. [...] AvereÈ la sensazione chedi latradimento tuadella fiducia sia stata traditaa renderendere le persone paranoiche ed aggressive. Per giunta alcune sostanze possono risvegliare le parti più selvagge del cervello e, al contrario, sopprimere quelle più civilizzate.
:''Fear and insecurity drives people crazy. If you're spiked with anything – even if people make you drink against your will – the experience will be very bad.'' [...] ''I would say it's the feeling of being cheated that turns people paranoid and aggressive. And some substances that you can take can wake up pats of your brain that are not civilised and also can suppress the civilised parts of your brain.''<ref name="sbs"/>
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