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As seen by my friend Marcello Di Maio, December 2010
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Just a couple of words about me, in order to present myself and my experience.

I was born in Portici, Italy, on May 24, 1969, and I'm presently living in San Giorgio a Cremano, a small town in the outskirts of Naples.

I hold a MSc in Biology (summa cum laude) and received a MBA training; I currently work as a International Digital Strategist for the Publicis Groupe, the n. 3 Communications group worldwide. Further to my two native languages, Italian and Neapolitan, I fluently speak English and French (I lived in Dublin and in Montpellier for long periods), and some Spanish. I have an immense curiosity toward any culture or scientific field, and the desire to bring them to the world. Probably as a reaction to my scientific background, I'm passionate about History, which is my main field of contribution.

Most importantly, I'm an husband and a father of two, and just the fact to be a dad is the most powerful motivation I have for contributing. Owed to my smalltown boy origins, coming out from not a rich family, I found much difficult to build up my knowledge and this took to me many years and efforts. Now I have the opportunity to contribute to a resource which will bring all the knowledge of the world to anyone.

I find this to be an incredible miracle, and I feel thrilled each time I can contribute. What we do here is something which can allow the next smalltown boy, living in the middle of Africa, or in the poor outskirts of a big city to have the very same opportunities of any other boy in the world. This is something for which it is worth to spend time, efforts and money, so to leave the most important heritage of all, knowledge, to my children and to any other child in the world.