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(Creata pagina con ''''Philip Anselmo''' (1968 - vivente) è un cantante statunitense. == Citazioni su Phil Anselmo == {{NDR|David Draiman}} Penso sia uno dei frontman più enigmatici dei no...')
'''Philip Anselmo''' (1968 - vivente) è un cantante statunitense.
[[File:Philipanselmo2009.jpg|miniatura|destra|Phil Anselmo]]
== Citazioni su Phil Anselmo ==
: ''I think that he's probably one of the more enigmatic frontman of our time. He's tremendously inspirational to vocalists throughout the genre including myself. I know that there's some weirdness regarding the "incident," but I certainly know that Phil would have never in his darkest thoughts ever have wanted any harm to befall Dime. You know the world is a very, very extreme place. When a fan gets so connected to a band that the demise of the band, however they want to interpret it, leads them to question their own lives and their existence... I mean it's weird. There are too many types of music that inspire that passion in people and thankfully metal is one of them. It's just unfortunate that this animal happened to take the demise of Pantera so seriously that he felt that it was justification for him to do what he did. He took the life of probably one of the greatest guitar players to walk the face of the Earth. '' (citato in [http://www.concertlivewire.com/interviews/disturbed.htm David Draiman talks disturbing thoughts], concertlivewire.com, 19 febbraio 2005)
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