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  • Growing up, I was always in and out of the hospital with stomach problems, and no one could figure out what was wrong. I decided to give up meat and become a vegetarian, and I haven’t had stomach problems since! I love eating healthy, delicious vegetarian meals and the options are endless. No matter where I go, I can find vegetarian dishes that satisfy my hunger and my taste for great food.
  • Celebrating our culture is very important to me. But one thing I cannot support is the senseless killing of animals in bullfights. From the moment the bull enters the ring, he’s destined to die. Outnumbered, frightened, even drugged or injured, his death will be slow and painful. … Tradition is no excuse for cruelty.


  • While I respect culture, this bull-killing ritual causes extreme suffering to an innocent creature and has no place in the modern world. Tradition is not an excuse for cruelty, and many societies have ended or are working to end ‘traditional’ practices—such as slavery, cannibalism, infanticide, female circumcision, foot-binding, bullfighting, and fox hunting—that cause animals or humans to suffer.


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  • Ayane: È difficile credere che tu sia una Shinobi in fuga! Vai da Hayate-sama, se questo è ciò che vuoi.
    Kasumi: Andrò da lui.
    Ayane: Io ucciderò Genra: nessuno potrà fermarmi. Non posso lasciarlo a te.
  • Hayate: Come capo di Shinobi, è mio dovere distruggere Genra.
    Ayane: Ma...
    Hayate: Restane fuori, Ayane!
    Ayane: Tu non c'entri in questa storia, Hayate... Ti prego, cerca di capire!

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